VIDEO: John Mayer Covers Beyonce's 'XO' In Australia - WATCH!

Playing a few shows in Australia is John Mayer who recently covered Beyonce's XO during his concert in the city of Adelaide.

The 36-year-old singer/songwriter took to the stage at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and performed his rendition of Beyonce's XO to the 12,000 heavy crowd. Armed with a harmonica, a guitar and his mic, Mayer belted out an acoustic version of the pop hit.

I liked it! His sultry and soulful approach certainly makes for easy listening.

I'm sure Beyonce would approve. Do you?

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NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

Iggy Azalea recruits Rita Ora for this new track which has surfaced online entitled, Black Widow.

The 23-year-old Australian rapper spits fire against a ex who did her dirty, while Rita smooths things over on the hook.

Iggy shares on how the track came about:

I met Katy Perry and she gave me “Black Widow,” which she wrote the hook to, and that didn’t even exist until after the EMAs in Europe last fall. The way that it is now, it only got to be like that at the end of January.

That quote explains why this sounds like Katy Perry's Dark Horse. Not a bad track nonetheless.

Black Widow is lifted from Iggy Azalea's upcoming LP, The New Classic due April 22.

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NEW MUSIC: Teyana Taylor - Sorry

Check out this new song from Teyana Taylor entitled, Sorry. Listen below!

23-year-old G.O.O.D. music artist Teyana Taylor finally drops some insight into her upcoming debut project. The track entitled Sorry is a raw, emotional R&B ballad where she pours her heart out about a man that didn't know how to love.

I'm sorry you didn't know how to love me/I'm sorry I wasn't beautiful to you/I'm sorry you just didn't understand how to be my man...

Teyana is very talented, that we already know. I don't know If this is just another false alarm. We have still yet to see anything contestant from the young artist, but that doesn't put me off this track. Sorry is amazing. An honest, emotional ballad sure to tug at your heart-strings. I love the subtle approach to the vocals, not a wasted ad-lib or riff insight. I really hope that this time her set up is completely ready because Lord knows we've BEEN ready.

Get into Sorry below:

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Lorde Covers Teen Vogue, Talks Fashion, Social Networks, & Hilary Duff!

Check out our girl Lorde on the cover of the latest issue of Teen Vogue.

The 17-year-old singer/songwriter continues her world takeover with the cover of Teen Vogue's May Issue, just days after her 12 nominations were announced for the 2014 Billboard Awards. For the full list of finalists click HERE.

Check below for some experts from Lorde's Teen Vogue interview:

On Hilary Duff being at her recent concert: “Hilary Duff? Are you freaking serious? Hilary Duff was there last night? This is what dreams are made of! Was she vibing it? Was she bobbing her head?”

On her fashion style: “There are a lot of expectations in this industry about looking a certain way and having a certain kind of appeal. I am feminine, but I really love dressing in boys’ clothes too. I guess that’s why I get labeled as ‘the grumpy girl,’ because I don’t play into that.”

On social networking: “I like Twitter because it’s a good direct link to people. You just reach out to someone you like and say, ‘Follow me please, and then we can talk.’ I really like Instagram as well. It’s a good one, very simple. I’m also on Facebook and Tumblr.”

On her new life: “Living in New Zealand, you don’t get these experiences. I spent so much time in my room before. My life is so wild right now. For me to be able to do something I really enjoy and for that to get me out in the world—to South America, to here, to London—every day I kick myself, I’m so lucky.”


NEW VIDEO: Keyshia Cole - Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away)

Check out the brand new music video for Keyshia Cole's song, Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away). Watch below!

The 32-year-old singer/songwriter bares all soul and emotion for her latest visual. We watch Keyshia serve face in several classically lit settings for this performance clip. Shots of explosions and roses are intertwined in special effect-edits, seemingly symbolising her different emotions. Directed by Colin Tilley.

This clip is beautiful. I love it. I love how Keyshia keeps it minimal and classic, letting the beauty of raw emotion take centre stage. Love the special effects treatments, very on-trend and very tastefully executed. Ugh! I'm going to need your faves to take notes!

The Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away) clip serves as the second to be lifted from Keyshia Cole’s sixth studio album 'Point Of No Return'. The visual for the set's first offering 'Rick James (ft. Juicy J)' arrived last week.

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NEW VIDEO: Estelle - Make Her Say (Beat It Up)

Check out Estelle's brand new music video for her song, Make Her Say. Watch below!

34-year-old singer/songwriter Estelle has released the visuals for latest single, Make Her Say (Beat It Up). We see several different, "perfectly imperfect" couples get steamy in a very provocative clip. Even Estelle herself gets amongst all the bumping and grinding.

'Make Her Say (Beat It Up)' is lifted off Estelle's EP Love & Happiness: How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Interesting video. I see how she's challenging the stereotypes of beauty by casting everyday couples. But whatever it is, I'm feeling that poncho-top. Shout out to Laurel DeWitt!

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NEW VIDEO: Tyga - Senile ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil' Wayne

Here's the brand new music video for Young Money's 'Senile'. Watch below!

Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne release a vibrant video for their YMCMB collaborative track "Senile," the latest release off their compilation Rise of an Empire.

Tyga serves his verse as the JabbaWockeeZ perform behind him. He also smokes the hookah with some random hippies. Nicki is a chola acting gangsta, complete with goons and a barbie tattoo on the playground. Lil Wayne is pretty much himself as he plays family in a crazy household.

This video reminds me of Bloodhound Gang for some reason.

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NEW VIDEO: Smashproof - Survivors ft. Pieter T

Check out this brand new music video for Smashproof's song, Survivors featuring Pieter T. Watch below!

The NZ rap trio pair their inspiring anthem with a visual that has a very encouraging message. Tyree, Deach, and Sid address the pressures of youth. Touching on peer pressure, bullying, and paedophilia with different young characters, and how each is affected differently. Directed by Chris Graham.

Such a powerful message. It's great watching these guys come out with great tracks to party to, but at the same time always bringing something to the table that encourages and inspires. Pieter T's vocals on this track with the melody is EVERYTHING! One of my fave singles of theirs to date.

Survivors is the latest offering from Smashproof's album, Forever.

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NEW MUSIC: Jennifer Hudson - Walk It Out ft. Timbaland - LISTEN NOW!

Jennifer Hudson has dropped audio to a brand new song entitled, Walk It Out featuring Timbaland. Listen below!

The 32-year-old American Idol-alum is showing us a more sexier side to herself, with her image and her sound. The Oscar-winning songtress links up with producer Timbaland and singer/songwriter Lyrica Anderson for this feel good jam, Walk It Out.

“F**k it, let’s do this today…I know you want to, take me to your room…,” she sings.

Yass Jennifer. Love this song. The production is everything. It has that signature 90's Timbaland beat but with a more 2014/15 contemporary feel. Hudson's vocals are on point, not a wasted vocal in sight. I'm really feeling the sound of this track. Looking forward to more.

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NEW VIDEO: Alicia Keys - It's On Again ft. Kendrick Lamar

Check out the brand new music video for Alicia Keys' musical contribution to the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, It's On Again featuring Kendrick Lamar.

The visual sees Alicia, Kendrick, and the tracks producer Pharrell play some sort of super-team. Pharrell is the brains and manages to turn all of the city's lights into a synchronized light show. The trio meet up with orchestra conductor Hans Zimmer in the end, and rock out in the middle of some park.

This music video is so random. They should have just stuck to a performance heavy clip, with the added flash shots of scenes from the film. Kendrick's verse is such a waste. It should have been placed somewhere just before the bridge so Alicia had something to build up to. Or replace Alicia entirely. Just, forgettable really.

What do you think?

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VIDEO: Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion Preview + Kenya & Porsha Catfight!

Check out the season six reunion preview for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Watch below!

After the season's finale aired earlier today, it followed with the first looks into the infamous reunion special. We see that NeNe gets into it with Kandi and Cynthia. Mama Joyce makes an appearance, in an apparent audition to hold a peach. Apollo joins the cast and is asked about his pending fraud case. And Porsha reaches her limit with Kenya, and ends up dragging her across the room. Literally.

"I didn't mean to upset her," yeah right Kenya. Only after you get beat right!? Sure.

Part one of the reunion will air April 20 on Bravo!

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Eminem & Rihanna Perform 'Monster' at the MTV Movie Awards - WATCH!

Watch as Rihanna and Eminem hit the stage to perform their hit song “The Monster” at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards!

Bajan beauty Rihanna kicks off the performance, stepping out on stage in a white bomber-jacket, slaying on vocals might I add. Eminem joins her on stage in his green jacket and white-Tee, as the crowd goes absolutely ballistic. Ending the performance in a cute hug. Aww...!

You can catch Eminem and Rihanna on their Monster tour, which only has three shows left to purchase tickets for. The rest are sold out. get in quick! Visit!

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